Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soft Tissue Management Course @ Exwell Medical

Exwell Medical presents a practical one day course on Saturday March 24th from 8.45am to 5pm. This course investigates the management of soft tissue injury from the acute stage through to the resumption of full function and the use of physical interventions in the management of soft tissue pain both acute and chronic. The day will centre on both theory and practical sessions.


Key topics discussed:

      ·        Soft tissue anatomy review. Basic tissue structure and mechanical properties.
·        Functional and anatomical relationships between tissue types (to include fascia).
·        The modulation and assessment of muscle tone.
·        Common Soft tissue techniques: massage, myofascial release (trigger point release), acupressure, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques.
·        The evidence supporting the use of common soft tissue techniques.
·        Appropriate intervention and technique selection through different stages of injury.
·        Technique selection for tissue type.

Practical Sessions:
·         Surface marking of the lumbosacral area. A review of traditional Swedish massage, assessment of paraspinal tone and introducing the use of specific soft tissue release techniques.(1 hour)
·        Buttock/hip and proximal thigh. Soft tissue release. Muscle energy techniques and considering global myofascial mobility. (1 hour)
·        Soft tissue techniques for the shoulder girdle. (1 hour)
·        Soft tissue techniques for the hamstrings. (30 mins)

The course will be headed by Mr. Chris McNicholl BSc, Pg Dip.Chartered Physiotherapist. Chris has fifteen years of hands on experience in musculoskeletal medicine and has worked within NHS Outpatients, Occupational health, Private Practice and Elite Sports Environments. He currently is employed full time as a Sports Physiotherapist with the Sports Institute Northern Ireland. Chris travelled as Physiotherapist with the Northern Ireland team to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India and was lead Physiotherapist for the Irish team at the 2009 World University Games in Belgrade.
The course will run in Exwell Medical Clinic, Ballymun Road, Dublin 11, 8.45am-5.00pm, March 10th 2012, at a cost of 100 Euro to include lunch.
Please call Exwell Medical on 01 8040659 to book your place!


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