Monday, September 3, 2012

Donohoe Delights Order of Malta Charity Cycle

A 4-day trans Ireland charity cycle was held recently in aid of the Order of Malta's International Summer Camp for Young Disabled 2013. ARTI member Michael Donohoe answered the call in utilising his treatment skills to aid the group on their journey from Dublin to Galway and back again, a staggering 430km trip.

The group started the journey from Dublin on Wednesday the 8th of August travelling 120+km to Athlone. Michael met them here initially, as they rested overnight and got treatment for niggles and soreness. The group departed Athlone the next day, completing the 90km cycle to Galway city. Michael then rejoined the group on there return trip through Athlone on August 10th, where he again treated the aches and pains, allowing the group to successfully complete there challenge back to Dublin on August 11th.

Each of the 2 treatment periods lasted over 3 hours and involved managing new and current injuries, recovery massages, trigger points treatments, Kinesio taping and crucially some advise on how to make the most of their recovery time throughout the four days.

Michael is seen below, (back row, 3rd from right) with the cylce team that completed the 4 day endevour!

Michael Donohoe is based in the Athlone/ Moate, Westmeath, ARTI member, Athletic Therapy & Training graduate (2011), specialist in Injury assessments, diagnosis, and treatments and available for squad training and match day emergency care, rehabilitation and reconditioning programs.


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